INTENT is the leading New Zealand consultancy, delivering World Class Performance for your organisation and business.

We specialise in developing and providing sustainable World Class improvements across the width and depth of any business or organisation. Our focus is to assist organisations to raise their productivity and performance in sustainable increments, over time and across the entire business. We utilise our suite of proven methodologies and processes to deliver bespoke, sustainable solutions to improve business performance. If your business resides within the supply chain, manufacturing or office sectors and you are INTENT on improving your business performance, get in touch today and we’ll help you achieve those goals.

We are INTENT on creating World Class Performance for all New Zealand business.

World Class


If your organisation needs to improve business performance through manufacturing excellence, this process will help you understand and acquire new skills across the wide range of disciplines in modern manufacturing management. Our supportive approach will ensure you are able to see early performance improvement in the chosen areas while our educational courses will help build internal capability to broaden and deepen the skills and knowledge of your team.



World Class
Supply Chain


Alignment throughout your operations including suppliers and customers is fundamental to ensuring long-term customer satisfaction. We look right across the individual functions of your business ensuring that you have identified the types of supply chains you need to have operating effectively – whether they be characterised by the terms “Lean”, “Agile”, “Fully flexible”, “Continuous replenishment” or other typical descriptors and identify any misalignments that provide opportunities for improvement.



World Class


Achieve alignment from boardroom strategy to employee actions. World Class Office is a multifaceted programme, which helps businesses improve administrative processes using the power of lean thinking and lean tools.
We tailor this programme to help stabilise, standardise and simplify your internal and external functions. This leads to greater connectivity and understanding through every level of your business in a sustainable format to improve your bottom line and internal morale.


INTENT Director, Geerten Lengkeek, discusses our No.8 wire mentality and shares his thoughts on whether this is still enough for New Zealand’s economy in today’s competitive business environment.

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