Our Advisory Board

We transform businesses by helping them build, deliver and sustain improvements. We didn’t become leaders by accident. We’ve earned this reputation by delivering tangible results over many years, for some of the world’s largest organisations, here in New Zealand and overseas.

Two of our previous clients are now members of our Advisory Board. Chairman David Irving and Paul Harper share their experiences of working with us.

David Irving, ex Watties Chief Executive and founder of The Icehouse, talks about his role as Chairman of INTENT Group Limited’s Advisory Board. He shares his experience of working with INTENT and describes their ability to connect with people, deliver outstanding results and improve operational performance.

Paul Harper reveals his reasons for joining INTENT Group Limited, as an Advisory Board member. He shares his experience working with INTENT as a client and describes some of the major achievements made over that time, such as results delivered, increased efficiency and a positive impact on the bottom line of several Kiwi businesses.