Accelerating Environmental & Safety Transformation

New Zealand’s global competitiveness is declining.  So the knowledge that safety and care for the environment can be used as key drivers to accelerate business performance, will come as welcome news to many Kiwi leaders. 


While recent research shows that the direct correlation between these three areas is due to the common values of care, there is also a major overlap in the underlying World Class practices that drive excellence. A major part of our Kiwi make-up is that we care for each other, and the environment, on a very personal level.  It is on this fundamental level where safety and environmental performance play a major role to inspire change, accelerate competitiveness and achieve a strong mix of tangible and strategic benefits.


In this 9-minute video, Herman Potgieter, INTENT’s General Manager Supply Chain Solutions, shares his thoughts on integrating safety, environmental sustainability and business improvement, to accelerate change and achieve significant benefits, including increased profitability.



For more information about driving your business forward using the Transformation Triangle (Safety, Environment and Business Improvement), contact Herman Potgieter on 09 523 0366, or


Herman’s background includes experience as head of several United Nations initiatives responsible for accelerating competitiveness on an industry-wide level.