Efficient Offices Generate Hidden Value

“All of [an organisation’s] processes should be aligned to deliver what it is that the customer values – anything else should be considered waste.”

Kerri-Anne Tenkate, INTENT Group Limited


Customer complaints, errors and rework, inadequate decision making, poor administration processes, people leaving the organisation . . . waste may not be as easy to see in the office as it is in manufacturing environments, but it does exist, and can come at great cost to your organisation.


In this 9-minute video, Kerri-Anne Tenkate from INTENT explains why you need to apply Lean and Continuous Improvement tools and methodologies to your back office processes to ensure they are effective, efficient and aligned to your customers’ values.


People often don’t see the inefficiencies and waste in their own processes. Kerri-Anne suggests challenging your team to think differently about the work that they do. She explains the critical first steps you need to take and offers some excellent tips for creating a World Class office.



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