Our Services

We don’t just make business improvements, we make sustainable plans, which translate boardroom aspirations into performance reality.

We work alongside management to elevate skills and understanding, applying strategic improvement tools and targeted training programmes where they are needed.

We’ll help you achieve operational and cultural transformation by focusing your team’s efforts on areas that deliver the greatest business benefit. By developing the capabilities of your people and processes, we create more value for customers by using fewer resources and by reducing waste.

We specialise in developing and providing sustainable World Class improvements across the width and depth of any business or organisation. Every business is different, so we have a suite of methodologies and processes, which we utilise to deliver a bespoke, sustainable solution to improve your business performance.

Why we have to confront the harsh facts: New Zealand’s low productivity
This booklet explores New Zealand’s surprising GDP position compared with other developed countries. Take the test to discover how well your business is managed!NB: Document formatted for screen viewing only. Contact us to request a hard copy.

We’ll help you transform your business.


Transforming your business is a journey, which will see you and your teams become responsible for your business success. We work alongside management to elevate skills and understanding, applying strategic improvement tools and targeted training programmes where they are needed.  Our education is precise, interactive and engaging, we focus on your real business to give you real improvements – not a big folder or reams of data-driven reports.

What do we mean by World Class?

INTENT considers a World Class organisation to be one that:

• Is outperforming all competitors in the characteristics of your product or service that your customers most value;
• Has empowered employees, supported by management systems, to enable continuous improvement.

Every business is different, you will already have many good people and do a number of things well, so we provide tailored solutions, which are based on our core improvement methodologies:

World Class Manufacturing

World Class Office

World Class Supply Chain

Each of these programmes contains modules which:

• Drive awareness of best practice and establish clear direction
• Assess your business capabilities
• Improve performance in the areas that matter most
• Grow capability in your people, your processes and your systems
• Ensure strategic sustainability for your organisation

We work with business of all shapes and sizes and across many specialised sectors, which include:

• Government
• Healthcare
• Food & Beverages
• Manufacturing
• Forestry
• Agriculture & Dairy
• Pulp & Paper
• Pharmaceuticals
• Insurance

We work with a large variety of companies, from international corporations to SME’S in the manufacturing, service and public sectors in New Zealand, Australasia, Asia and the Middle East.

Our real world approach delivers World Class results.

We know how to help organisations translate strategies into actionable plans and our strong team focus ensures enhanced collaboration inside the company. We focus on the short-term and long-term success by ensuring a balance between result measures versus behaviour and competency measures.

Our approach is fresh and innovative; we provide hands-on mentoring, training and facilitation – combining Best Practice principles with real world thinking and we create clear line-of-sight from company goals, through departmental and team objectives, to employee objectives and delivery.

Our facilitators use proven methodologies and tools to ensure long-term sustainability for your business and our NZQA accredited training programmes provide an optimal platform for staff and management to think and practice sustainable World Class Performance.

Our vision is to transform New Zealand’s Performance Culture. Everyday.