Blended Learning

INTENT’s vision is to transform New Zealand’s performance culture. Every day. We believe education is one of the fundamental inputs to this transformation.

We have recently expanded our education offerings and developed a Blended Learning Programme for schools, targeting school leavers who are entering the workforce. We have completed the successful implementation of this programme into eleven campuses and it is now ready for other school and workplace environments.

INTENT’s Blended Learning Programme is delivered through an introductory workshop, but primarily online using leading edge technology and facilitation techniques. It removes geographical boundaries, allowing students to participate from any location. Students are able to direct their own learning due to the clear structure and process for learning we provide.

Converting knowledge to action is a key design principle behind the programme. Having students experience the application of what they are learning during the programme, allows them to transfer knowledge into behaviour and habit – the strongest indicator that learning has taken place.

Action Based Online Learning
This case study describes one school’s experience of introducing Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies to geographically spread students, using a blended learning approach.
NB: Document formatted for screen viewing only. Contact us to request a hard copy.

Blended Learning Programme Benefits

  1. Mostly online programme with transparent programme structure and approach
  2. Easy for all stakeholders to understand what is being delivered to learners and assess their progress in applying those learnings
  3. Customisable modules
  4. Flexible learning schedules
  5. Managed by an INTENT tutor with minimal support from school staff
  6. Regular interaction between tutor and students
  7. Timely identification and resolution of barriers to learning
  8. Regular student progress reporting
  9. Assessment of competence at each stage of the programme
  10. State of the art technology supports and enables the learning process

Students Accrue

  1. Greater confidence to enter the workforce, be it in a part or full time capacity
  2. Practical business and life skills that can be used in a variety of situations
  3. Ability to participate more effectively in teamwork, due to deep understanding of what it takes to make a team work
  4. The ability to self-direct and recognise and embrace leadership opportunities
  5. Effective problem solving ability, both individually and collaboratively, using World Class tools & techniques


Students blending learning.

Programme Overview

The programme can be tailored to meet your specific needs, but currently comprises three courses, designed to enable young adults to approach their future work with confidence, and provide them with the ability to contribute immediately:

  1. Course 1a: Competitive Manufacturing
  2. Course 1b: Competitive Office
  3. Course 2: Introduction to Lean Culture

The Competitive Manufacturing and Office courses are pre-requisites to the Lean Culture course. Either one (not both) needs to be completed before enrolling in the Introduction to Lean Culture course.

Teaching young adults business transformation tools and skills will equip them to improve performance in a multitude of settings – school, home, community and the workplace. These skills are not just for youths; INTENT’s programme could be adapted for businesses wanting to help employees develop essential learning skills they can apply both inside and out of the workplace.


Blended learning in the classroom.