World Class Office

Is your organisation aligned from boardroom strategy through to employee actions?

Are your office capabilities and administration process aligned with the voice of the customer?

Have you ever thought about how much of the costs of running your business are administrative costs?

Or how many administrative and processing activities create waste and do not add value to your customers?

INTENT’s multifaceted programme, World Class Office, helps businesses improve administrative processes using the power of Lean thinking and Lean tools.

We tailor this programme to help stabilise, standardise and simplify your internal and external functions. This leads to greater connectivity and understanding through every level of your business in a sustainable format to improve your bottom line and internal morale.

To help you determine whether your organisation can benefit from our program, we have developed the World Class Office Readiness Assessment. Why not take a few minutes now to consider some important questions about your business?

World Class Office helps you deliver the service your customers want; allows work to be released accurately; ensures payments and service are received faster; improves staff morale, productivity and improves your bottom line.

Alignment is crucial to the success of your organisation. Everyone needs to understand your strategy and how, through a process of self-assessment, they can play their part. By rationalising inputs from every level of your business, we are able to understand the issues at every level and create a culture of, and systemic approach to, continuous improvement.

Creating a world class government agency
This booklet looks into the opportunities available for government offices wanting to create real value and become World Class.NB: Document formatted for screen viewing only. Contact us to request a hard copy.

Waste removal practises do not apply solely to manufacturing and supply chain environments. Kerri-Anne Tenkate from INTENT explains why you should also apply Lean and Continuous Improvement tools and methodologies to your back office processes to ensure they are effective, efficient and aligned to your customers’ values.


The World Class Office programme takes organisations through five stages to become World Class:

Stage 1 – Awareness:

What Do The Best Companies Do Well?

Leaders need to understand the concept of World Class i.e. reducing waste and making work flow by using visual management, standard work, and daily accountability for performance.  The WCO 1 day simulation is a highly interactive workshop, which leaves participants with a clear understanding of ‘World Class.’

Stage 2 – Assessment:

How And Where Do We Start On The World Class Journey?

Becoming World Class requires first assessing the organisation’s current administrative and office practices in the areas of Teamwork, 5S, Visual Management, Problem Solving and Standard Work. Current and future state process mapping then follows, but not before leaders have been trained in how best to lead and manage change in office/administrative functions.

Stage 3 – Improve Performance:

Getting Immediate Results NOW.

Loss and waste analysis and baseline data collection can identify some of the current wastes that can be reduced through planned Kaizen events; and, Value Stream Mapping is used to identify the current VSM and design the future VSM. However, these tools will not sustain performance by themselves: they need to be supported by a Daily Management System which uses visual management, problem solving and Leader Standard Work to keep the organisation focused on the key business and team performance measures.

Stage 4 – Grow Capability:

Maintaining Improvements through Skills Development.

At this stage we help the organisation to make the process and procedural changes that are vital to sustaining efficient workflow. We help teams to build their skills to use tools that make work visible; clarity over their roles and responsibilities, balance workloads and create standard work.

Stage 5 – Sustainability:

Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Improvement

In World Class organisations, all employees’ actions must remain aligned to the business strategy and the key performance measures.  We show organisations how A3 can be used to deploy strategy and involve staff in problem solving and continuous improvement activities. And, we help the organisation create its own culture of, and systemic approach to, continuous improvement or adopt an integrated and highly structured improvement methodology such as TRACC.

Our workshops and strategies include:

  1. Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  2. Determining and Aligning Strategies
  3. Clarity of Vision
  4. Order winners and qualifiers
  5. Organisational Design and Structure
  6. Managing Change
  7. Strategy Deployment
  8. Process improvement
  9. Value Stream Mapping
  10. Lean office
  11. Kaizen
  12. Workload Balancing ( Heijunka)
  13. Workplace organisation – 5S
  14. Visual management and measurement
  15. Standard work
  16. Error prevention
  17. Problem solving
  18. Process flow – office layout
  19. Information systems
  20. Process management
  21. Governance
  22. Asset care and maintenance
  23. Sustainable improvements
  24. Continuous improvement systems
  25. Daily management systems
  26. A3 business planning
  27. Project Management
  28. Programme Management
  29. Portfolio Management