Our Advisory Board

David Irving, ex Watties Chief Executive and founder of The Icehouse, talks about his role as Chairman of INTENT Group Limited’s Advisory Board. He shares his experience of working with INTENT and describes their ability to connect with people, deliver outstanding results and improve operational performance.

Paul Harper reveals his reasons for joining INTENT Group Limited, as an Advisory Board member. He shares his experience working with INTENT as a client and describes some of the major achievements made over that time, such as results delivered, increased efficiency and a positive impact on the bottom line of several Kiwi businesses.

New Zealand Productivity

Is our No. 8 wire mentality still enough for New Zealand’s economy in today’s competitive business environment? INTENT Director, Geerten Lengkeek, discusses this important question.

INTENT Director, Geerten Lengkeek, identifies New Zealand’s disappointing position in the global productivity stakes and explains why we should care.

World Class Manufacturing

INTENT Director, Ian Walsh, shares his thoughts on the steps and stages you need to take to become a World Class organisation.

INTENT Director, Ian Walsh, discusses what a World Class manufacturer looks like and the Lean practices, systems and processes needed to improve competitiveness.

World Class Supply Chain

Tom Street delves into the challenges facing businesses today, including developing mega trends. He introduces INTENT’s free assessment tool, so you can discover the influence these trends will have on your operational performance, explains what this means to your organisation, and the improvement opportunities available to you.

INTENT Founder, Tom Street, shares how New Zealand businesses can create World Class supply chains designed to meet customer needs and help organisations differentiate from their competitors.

World Class Office

Waste removal practises do not apply solely to manufacturing and supply chain environments. Kerri-Anne Tenkate from INTENT explains why you should also apply Lean and Continuous Improvement tools and methodologies to your back office processes to ensure they are effective, efficient and aligned to your customers’ values.

Accelerating Safety, Environmental and Business Transformation

The Journey towards Procurement Excellence
Increasingly, procurement is playing a strategic role within today’s organisations. Herman Potgieter, INTENT Group Limited’s General Manager Supply Chain Solutions, shares some practical considerations on the journey to achieving procurement excellence and the benefits that be gained throughout this process.

Alignment of Supplier Performance and Procurement
INTENT’s Herman Potgieter describes the opportunities available to New Zealand businesses to improve their supply chain performance, and achieve more significant economic benefits, through collaboration.

Accelerating Safety, Environmental and Business Transformation
Herman Potgieter, INTENT’s General Manager Supply Chain Solutions, shares his thoughts on integrating safety, environmental sustainability and business improvement, to accelerate change and achieve significant benefits, including increased profitability.