What our Clients say about our work

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“EastPack Chairman Ray Sharp attributes EastPack’s strong financial performance to the company’s focus on quality to minimise waste and maximise payment to Growers and says EastPack continues to achieve excellent productivity gains through its ‘Growing Excellence’ Lean manufacturing programme.”
Eastpack Ltd Media Release, March 2012


“A great effort thank you and a huge turnaround from the 12 months prior. 11 Problems were solved with 5 repeat failures and 2 multiple repeats. To me, this really  highlights the importance of following a structured process and finding the root cause. It may take a little longer but we are only doing it once.”
D. Nicholls, Operational Excellence Lead, Fonterra Eltham

“With INTENT’s involvement we’ve increased our performance through the identification of the line L300 bottleneck.  Their support and passion along with strong  facilitation skills has helped improve staff ownership and morale”
G. Preston, Operational Excellence Lead, Fonterra Eltham

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“Since we started our Lean journey 6 years ago, with the help of INTENT Group and the TRACC methodology, we have grown our internal capability to produce excellent results throughout the organization. The continuous improvement approach is ongoing and we are widening our scope of just manufacturing to other departments and service providers”
Fred Hanson, Manufacturing Manager, Tru-Test Group


“INTENT apply their knowledge of supply chain theory and their experience in other industries and work well with our people to achieve excellent outcomes very cost effectively. We find them to be very good partners.”
Lain Jager, CEO, Zespri International Ltd

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Working with the Intent team has been a pleasure for all staff at AuCom. They have shown themselves adaptable to AuCom’s needs and willing to support us in whatever format works best. They can take the lead or operate in a supporting role for our internal staff. You quickly feel their commitment to your success and the have proven their ability to connect and deliver value at all levels of the business.
Brent Archer, CEO, AuCom


“In a few short weeks they interpreted and analysed our requirements, honed our thinking and provided a valuable model to facilitate our supply chain decision making process.”
P. Harper, CEO, Carter Holt Harvey Procurement & Distribution


“When I was asked by a business contact whether he should go with INTENT or [another organisation] as their support consultant, I recommended INTENT. My reasons stated were because my experience with [other consultants] is that they are good at making sure you have whiteboards in place and that you have done your 5S, but INTENT really care about your actual business.  They are focussed on delivering the results you need and use the tools when and where appropriate, rather than as an end in themselves.”
Carl Sorensen, Sorensen Furniture


“Without doubt the best continuous improvement course I have attended thus far. The material presented and the activities conducted were practical, relevant and comprehensive. Importantly, the various continuous improvement approaches explained and demonstrated were integrated in a way that made tremendous sense. This was a very rich learning experience reinforced by the presenters living out the ‘lean way’ in their running of 3 days – 10 out of 10.”
P. Robertson, VP Operations Planning, BlueScope Steel


“INTENT was absolutely the right choice. They work positively with our people to achieve substantial improvement in the performance of our business.  We now have a much better handle on our future, and are well positioned to build further on the gains made in the project.”
D. Irving, Executive Chairman, Hubbards


“[Congratulations] for what was obviously a very value-creating experience for the Tenon delegates. Thank you for taking the time to consider the alignment of your material with the group – they obviously really enjoyed the session.” 
S. Patterson, Fund Manager, Tenon Employee Educational Fund


“Thanks for all your efforts.  Feedback at the time, and in the days since, has been 100% positive.” 
S. Patterson, Fund Manager, Tenon Employee Educational Fund


“INTENT provided us with a detail oriented project manager, [who got] traction immediately… and added value along the way. The best part is they managed the team in the project closely, got them motivated and never let anyone slip. A real bull dog, just what you want in a project manager.” 
Martin Carlyle, CEO, Damar Industries


“INTENT has a great depth of knowledge in supply chain processes. They were able to very quickly understand the unique aspects of our business and recommend and implement high quality supply chain processes. [Their team] needed little direction and can be relied on to complete all work to a high standard and on time.” 
Greg Delaney, GM – Distribution & Logistics, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd


“Before INTENT came the pressure was on from the sales team to the factory to produce more product, but now it has turned completely around the other way.  You quickly realise that making continuous improvements applies to every department of your business, not just manufacturing.”
Mark Beatson, Director, Betacraft NZ Ltd


“INTENT worked on a project for us and produced some excellent and very professional work. They jumped in with both feet and got the job done in time and to our satisfaction. [They exhibit] integrity and commitment. I would hire them again if I had an opportunity.” 
Brad Bridges, General Manager, Dimond


‘Thanks for bringing us into the 21st century.  ‘Old dogs’ should never forget ‘new tricks’ and what you have done has positively changed the shape of our business.”
Bill Smith, General Manager, Tasman Insulation NZ Ltd


“INTENT provided EasiYo with a very supportive, enjoyable and informative introduction to lean. Because the programme is tightly linked to the situations you face in your own business, relevance is high and improvements can be seen very quickly.” 
Paul O’Brien, CEO, EasiYo