World Class Performance Creators

INTENT leads the field in delivering, building and sustaining improved operational performance.

Our focus is to assist organisations to raise their productivity and performance in sustainable increments, over time and across the entire business. We didn’t become leaders by accident; we earned this reputation by delivering tangible results over many years, for some of the world’s largest organisations, here in New Zealand and overseas.


We are not like most other consultants.

• Our practise is based on experience – over 440 years and growing
• We’ve seen the pitfalls and overcome the issues many times before
• We care about your business and getting the results you need
• We don’t just sell solutions – we understand your problems
• We help you be clear about your direction
• We have the breadth and range of skills to apply the right resources for the job
• We can increase productivity, performance and revenue across your organisation
• We’re passionate and focussed
• We bring unrivalled drive, clarity and vision
• We roll up our sleeves, we get involved and we stay involved
• We build your internal capabilities to deliver ongoing and sustainable results
• We’re more than passionate about increasing your productivity-we’re INTENT.

INTENT on creating World Class Performance for all New Zealand business.

INTENT is a growing organisation, utilising the skill sets of 20 plus lead consultants.

performance page pic 1What does INTENT World Class Performance mean for you and your organisation?

First we need to understand – and sometimes help you understand – exactly what you are trying to achieve. By developing the capabilities of your people and processes, we create more value for your customers and your organisation by ensuring that our results are completely achievable and sustainable. We’ll help you achieve operational and cultural transformation by focusing your team’s efforts on areas that deliver the greatest business benefit.

performance page pic 2

One tool does not fit all.

We work alongside management to elevate skills and understanding, applying strategic improvement tools where appropriate and targeted training programmes. These are more than simple business improvements; these are sustainable plans, which translate boardroom aspirations into performance reality.