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“Working with the Intent team has been a pleasure for all staff at AuCom. They have shown themselves adaptable to AuCom’s needs and willing to support us in whatever format works best. They can take the lead or operate in a supporting role for our internal staff. You quickly feel their commitment to your success and they have proven their ability to connect and deliver value at all levels of the business.”

Brent Archer, CEO, AuCom

Industrial power control company, AuCom Electronics (AuCom), first began work with Intent Group several years ago to address productivity issues. More recently Intent has been assisting with its journey to fully embed Lean business practices within the company’s culture, by providing assistance in various spheres of AuCom’s electronics engineering operation.


To date, Intent's improvement work has influenced manufacturing, supply chain and engineering, as well as provide support for the cultural change needed to sustain and grow improvements made.


  • Reduced stock holdings

  • Increased line throughput

  • Reduced floor space requirements (allowing one building to be released)

  • Increased cadence within engineering

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