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CASE STUDY: Best Mates Pet Food

Best Mates Pet Food is one of New Zealand's leading manufacturer and exporter of leading brands such as Tu Meke. Best Mates applied for Callaghan Better by Lean funding that allowed them to proceed with support from Intent.  Best Mates were keen to improve their manufacturing throughput after working with Intent Group to initially analyse their manufacturing process. 


The key was implementation of lean best practices in:

•  Leading and managing change

•  Teamwork

•  5s

•  Maintenance and asset optimisation

•  Warehouse optimisation



Since identifying critical constraints in their manufacturing plant, improving their processes, plant and implementing best practices, the team at Best Mates are experiencing better flow, less stress and improved business performance:

•  Critical manufacturing processes have stabilised, plant downtime has been minimised, and weekly throughput has been increased.

•  Applying 5s, good warehouse principles and practices has significantly reduced raw material transport, motion,

waiting and stress.

•  Training encouraged the leadership team to be more involved in setting performance improvement objectives and plans.

• Practical workshops on site created team engagement empowering key staff to optimise their work areas for better flow reducing time spent sourcing raw materials.

•  A replenishment approach to raw material supply has significantly reduced the amount of product stored on site enabling better inventory management.

•  Maximising throughput and achieving DIFOTIS is now the key driver of the business

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