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CASE STUDY: Betacraft

“Before Intent came the pressure was on from the sales team to the factory to produce more product, but now it has turned completely around the other way. You quickly realise that making continuous improvements applies to every department of your business, not just manufacturing.”

Mark Beatson, Director, Betacraft NZ Ltd

By working closely with Intent Group, Betacraft developed their understanding of Lean principles

by implementing best practices in:

  • Leading and managing change

  • Health and safety

  • 5S

  • Visual measurement

  • Problem solving

  • Team work

  • Quality

  • Set up time reduction

  • Maintenance and equipment care

  • Process and material flow


Since commencing Lean training and mentoring, positive changes to a wide range of disciplines

have been observed throughout Betacraft’s manufacturing plant.

Training has helped managers to establish a clear direction and successfully lead and execute change.

  • Health and safety is now the first item on the agenda of every operational meeting

  • Work areas are better organised and fully stocked due to the implementation of 5S

  • Business progress is now captured frequently, tracked visually and shared

  • Team briefings, operational assessments and performance reviews allow information to be shared and 

          issues to be promptly resolved

  • Production quality issues more than halved with a decrease from 15% to 5%

  • Quality and planning are now key drivers of the business

  • Employees better understand quality requirements and how they can better meet targets due to

         operational effectiveness;

  • Stock is maintained and on hand whenever required

  • Processes and material flows on the production floor have improved

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