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"Collaboration has increased at all levels. Open conversations are being held. Issues are being raised more regularly in a structured format. Problems are being brought up as problems to solve (mindset), being talked through and moved into solving more quickly. Leaders have developed naturally into positions of leadership through the Daily Management Systems meeting structure."

Northern Maintenance Manager, Transport Services

Downer Group

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Our Lean Construction team are passionate about enabling better performance in NZ construction businesses. We want to help the industry create a step-change in productivity, safety and quality.

We help our construction clients develop excellence, increase throughput, have high performing core processes and grow the capability to continuously improve. Our experts and approach will deliver focused improvement that is targeted at your specific business goals and/or constraints allowing improved safety, efficiency, quality, workflow reliability, customer satisfaction and ultimately financial sustainability. We will provide the methods, systems and knowledge to realise change through working alongside your team using our hands-on approach, and grow your internal capability to maintain momentum in the direction of continuous improvement.

We have an experienced team and partner with a number of organisations that help the construction industry, including Callaghan Innovation and Lean Construction ANZ. We have a track record of proven results in services including:​

  • Multi-site culture transformation

  • Strategy & Priorities

  • Maturity Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Daily Management Systems (DMS)

  • Problem Solving

  • Coaching & Training

  • Lean Methodologies – 5S, Visual Management, VSM, Loss & Waste

Sized to Fit

Whether your needs are for a large change programme across multiple sites, planned process improvement or a specific productivity improvement project, we will collaborate with your team to generate successful outcomes.

  • Increase throughput and efficiency

  • Improve planning to provide greater stability

  • Support culture change

  • Achieve business targets

  • Increase transparency and visibility across your business

  • Ensure team alignment behind business priorities

  • Grow team leadership and coaching

  • Create functioning core processes (how you deliver day in day out)

  • Raise commercial awareness

  • Open communication and collaboration

  • Establish systems, processes and methods for achieving results 

  • Develop internal ability to continuously improve 

Key outcomes you will achieve:​

Whether your driver is long term sustainability or pursuing a goal to be the best in your sector, the outcomes we deliver will help you get there faster, and stay there.  

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Building Better Performance

1.1 Assess.png
  • Assessment

  • On-site Efficiency 

  • Process Performance Analysis

  • Team & Culture


2.2 Design.png
  • Strategy/Priorities

  • Improvement Systems

  • Process Redesign 

  • Key Performance Indicators


descarga (9).png
  • Strategy Deployment

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Process Improvement

  • Coaching


4.4 Sustain.png
  • Embed in BAU

  • Maintain Momentum

  • Manage Focused Improvement

  • Problem Solving


Leadership Development - Teamwork

Knowledge Transfer - Capability Building 

Change Management - Change Support

Onsite construction.png

  • Transparency and open conversations

  • 'No blame' culture

  • Collaboration within and across teams

  • Improved communication

  • Problem solving

  • Improved accountability

  • Visibility of performance

  • Clear target and expectation setting

  • Forums for growing leadership

  • Daily leadership coaching

Daily Management Systems (DMS) are a core backbone for continuous improvement. A DMS will provide Key Performance Indicators, clear communication and transparency across your teams every day. DMS benefits include:

Some of the benefits our clients are seeing:

“A big improvement in planning. The team are getting the planning right – plan and do. Quality early warnings can be given to the client because planning is robust, and the team have the confidence in the information. More robust planning is freeing up people’s time.”

Speech mark coral.png

“DMS sets expectations for acceptable performance."

“A3 business plans have helped focus leaders and their teams on the right things.”

“Coaching is occurring naturally within teams at DMS.”

Speech mark coral.png

Downer Group Team Members

Work with us to transform your culture from unstable and reactive to supporting the  achievement of sustained results. 

  • Lots of firefighting

  • Reactive

  • Poor communication

  • Stable

  • Responsive

  • Clear & open communication

  • Inconsistent planning

  • Lack of collaboration

  • Unstable pipeline

  • Reliable

  • Effective collaboration

  • Managed pipeline

  • Unclear priorities

  • Misaligned effort

  • Poor teamwork

  • Busy on the urgent

  • Clear priorities 

  • Aligned team effort

  • Team targets & goals

  • Focus on what is important

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We have proudly worked with the following organisations:

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We are pleased to work in partnership with:

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LCANZ Logo.png

To find out more about our Lean Construction offering please contact Stephanie Pretorius on 021 701 818 or email

We strive to deliver the highest service quality in every engagement 

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