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CASE STUDY: Turners and Growers Global NZ (Apples)


Xx Xx, Manager, T&G

In October 2019, Intent and T&G Loss & Waste that highlighted varying degrees of waste throughout apple operation.

This review of the apples operations set a baseline for future improvement and create the basis of a continuous improvement framework. 



  • Functional silos across the business 

  • Significant variability between sites 

  • Lack of clear quality standards 

  • Misaligned objectives and communication 

  • High people dependence throughout the business 


SOLUTIONS (2020-2021): 

  • Established DMS across the operation, including T1, T2, T3 and T4 

  • Established clear focus on premium quality 

  • Leader standard work put in place to get leaders working at the right level 

  • Establish best practice standards across both sites to reduce internal variability 

  • Problem solving identified the need for Envy post-harvest compliance process and young tree development process 

  • Established Focused Improvement Teams (FIT)  


RESULTS (2020-2021): 

  • Packout increased by 6% (~$1.4m) over a year 

  • Huge shift in performance culture 

  • Increased engagement of leaders and their teams throughout the business 

  • People at all levels engaging with the continuous improvement 

  • Envy post harvest compliance process 

  • Young Tree development process 

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