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CASE STUDY: EastPack Limited


Key players in the horticulture industry, EastPack provide services to kiwifruit growers.  With a desire to work more efficiently, they asked Intent to help improve the company’s business performance by implementing Lean processes and creating a Lean culture.


THE SOLUTION: Assessment and Lean Manufacturing Programme

Since 2008, Intent Group has annually reviewed EastPack’s progress.  These assessments have identified gaps and suggested strategies for addressing them, to help the business progress towards its vision of becoming world class, orchard to market.

EastPack employees develop their awareness of Lean principles and practices, by attending Intent training:

  • A Diploma in Competitive Manufacturing

  • Lean 4×4

  • Leader Standard Work

  • 5S

  • Teamwork

  • Warehouse Management

  • Problem Solving


Intent’s mentoring programme is also helping to develop and foster key talent and build internal capability.  With internal knowledge growing and productivity rising, EastPack is realising their strategic objective of offering lower packing costs and delivering an excellent profit.



  • Record profit of $20 million in 2012 (44% increase)

  • Productivity levels improving

  • Lean culture now firmly in place

  • Training is developing skills and increasing knowledge

  • Growers are being offered lower costs.

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