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CASE STUDY: Go Rentals

 “With Intent, we've made some amazing progress... We're incredibly happy with the progress we've made & the results that we've seen & look forward to continuing this journey over the coming months and years to get better and better.

Adrian Thomas, National Operations Manager, Go Rentals

From 2010 onwards Go Rentals experienced a period of massive growth. This meant in the growing market they found themselves in, they were incredibly inefficient on sites they were operating. They realised they didn’t have the capability or experience within the business to solve efficiency problems and engaged Intent Group to help. After initially encountering Intent through The Icehouse, Go Rentals began doing a number of management development programmes with them, part of that being a Lean thinking workshop. Go Rentals realised Intent could help analyse, understand and solve productivity and efficiency problems.

THE SOLUTION: Operational Efficiency Increases

Intent first engaged to work through inefficiencies in the workshop and maintenance space. A GPS tracker placed on one of the mechanics revealed that for one routine service, he walked 1.3km and took one hour and 50 mins to complete. Through the process change that Intent led, time was reduced to 1 hour and 14 mins and the distance to 730 metres. This was a gain of 36 mins and 33% distance travelled.

After going through the process with their mechanics and the workshop space, they quickly realised the gains that could be made in other parts of the business.

The next area of improvement was the production space, which was predominantly in the grooming bays at the main sites of Auckland and Christchurch airport.



Following the review, Intent provided management with valuable insight, including:

  • Mechanical routine dropped by 33%, 36 minutes and 570 metres.

  • Reduction from 23 to 3 movements for the vehicle to be returned, processed and ready for the next customer.

  • Number of staff required went from 9 to 5.

  • New Lean pit crew style of production, resulting in a fully groomed car in 1 movement 

  • A redesign of flows on the brand- new purpose-built site at Auckland airport

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