Whether your needs are a multi-site change program for a cultural transformation, planning process improvement or a specific project we have the team and experience to collaborate with your team and generate a successful outcome.

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Creating a Culture of Excellence

Our Lean Construction team are passionate about enabling better performance in NZ construction businesses. We want to help the industry create a step-change and transform from lagging other sectors in productivity improvement to leading. 

Our mission is to help our construction clients develop excellence with the goals of improved safety, quality, workflow reliability, customer satisfaction and ultimately financial sustainability. Our focus is to help clarify improvement focus areas and provide the methods, systems and knowledge to realise change. Our approach will build the internal capability of your team to continuously improve and adapt.

We have an experienced team and partner with a number of organisations that help industry including Callaghan and Lean Construction ANZ. We have a track record of proven results in services including:

  • Multi-site culture transformation

  • Strategy Deployment

  • Maturity Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Daily Management Systems (DMS)

  • Problem Solving

  • Coaching and Training

  • Lean Methodologies – 5S, Visual Stream Mapping (VSM), Loss & Waste

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Peak Performance Programme


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Key Benefits:

  • Alignment of the organisation from top to bottom on productivity improvement

  • Ability to ‘see’ and eliminate waste

  • Data driven productivity targets – what is really achievable??

  • Data driven obstacles -  what is preventing productivity?

  • Visibility of actual performance to plan with accountability

  • Enablers of productivity clear and obstacles  systematically removed

  • Programme Goals & Charter

  • SG Formation & Initial Programme Communication

  • Data gathering – onsite time and motion observations to planned, KPI baseline

  • Learning Teams x 1-2 on Poor Productivity

  • Outcomes Assessment – CI Capability and Productivity Drivers (processes, data, team knowledge)

Outcome – key processes identified, core processes performance assessed, KPIs identified - is there good data?

  • Strategy A3’s with Productivity Focus Cascaded

  • People processes aligned

  • Programme Goals and Expectations communicated - urgency

  • Key processes enabling productivity identified and improved DMS meetings and KPI data systems developed

  • Team Modules - Value & Waste training, Waste Hunt, IK & Problem Solve, 5S

  • Team - Weekly Coaching on Improvement (Adeption if possible)

  • RACI - Alignment on productivity Drivers

  • Identify root causes Pareto – and obstacles

  • Improvement projects ongoing

  • Daily improvements connected from DMS

  • Actual Performance back to where the problem was caused

  • Visibility of Performance – War Room, A3 & T3 Aligned on Productivity



Set & Share Direction

Build Capability

Improve & Sustain

Samples of Diagnostic

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Improvement opportunities for potential clients to consider - need a heading (may be better further up page if using?) 

Below are some examples of improvement opportunities we have helped clients to address (to be reworded):

  • Financial sustainability

  • Adversarial client relations

  • Contract risk transfer / not fair contacts

  • Lack of collaboration

  • Reliance on subcontractors

  • Pipeline instability

  • Improve stability, productivity improvement, culture change, operational efficiency, documentation/procedure

  • Process improvement scoping, planning through to delivery, operations loss and waste, 5S, DMS systems for targets and actual, root cause and problem solving

  • Support team members and individuals to see waste and the value of Lean

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Working with us you can transform your culture from unstable and reactive to one that supports achieving challenging improvement objectives:

  • Lots of firefighting

  • Reactive

  • Poor communication

  • Lack of teamwork

  • Unclear targets

  • Issues not resolved

  • Stability

  • Responsiveness

  • Flowing communication

  • Team targets & goals

  • Transparency & visibility of performance every day

  • Clear expectations

  • Visible & faster issue resolution

  • Inconsistent planning

  • Stakeholders not all involved      

  • Unclear plan ahead

  • Improved reliability

  • Improved collaboration

  • Managed pipeline

  • Lack of alignment

  • Business priorities & direction not clear

  • Unfocused effort

  • Clear priorities 

  • Focused effort behind strategic priorities

  • Consistent Plan-Do-Check-Act  toward achievement of goals

  • More attention on what is important, over what is urgent

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