Whether your needs are a multi-site change program for a cultural transformation, planning process improvement or a specific project we have the team and experience to collaborate with your team and generate a successful outcome.

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Peak Performance Programme


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Key Benefits:

  • Alignment of the organisation from top to bottom on productivity improvement

  • Ability to ‘see’ and eliminate waste

  • Data driven productivity targets – what is really achievable??

  • Data driven obstacles -  what is preventing productivity?

  • Visibility of actual performance to plan with accountability

  • Enablers of productivity clear and obstacles  systematically removed

  • Programme Goals & Charter

  • SG Formation & Initial Programme Communication

  • Data gathering – onsite time and motion observations to planned, KPI baseline

  • Learning Teams x 1-2 on Poor Productivity

  • Outcomes Assessment – CI Capability and Productivity Drivers (processes, data, team knowledge)

Outcome – key processes identified, core processes performance assessed, KPIs identified - is there good data?

  • Strategy A3’s with Productivity Focus Cascaded

  • People processes aligned

  • Programme Goals and Expectations communicated - urgency

  • Key processes enabling productivity identified and improved DMS meetings and KPI data systems developed

  • Team Modules - Value & Waste training, Waste Hunt, IK & Problem Solve, 5S

  • Team - Weekly Coaching on Improvement (Adeption if possible)

  • RACI - Alignment on productivity Drivers

  • Identify root causes Pareto – and obstacles

  • Improvement projects ongoing

  • Daily improvements connected from DMS

  • Actual Performance back to where the problem was caused

  • Visibility of Performance – War Room, A3 & T3 Aligned on Productivity



Set & Share Direction

Build Capability

Improve & Sustain

Samples of Diagnostic

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Improvement opportunities for potential clients to consider - need a heading (may be better further up page if using?) 

Below are some examples of improvement opportunities we have helped clients to address (to be reworded):

  • Financial sustainability

  • Adversarial client relations

  • Contract risk transfer / not fair contacts

  • Lack of collaboration

  • Reliance on subcontractors

  • Pipeline instability

  • Improve stability, productivity improvement, culture change, operational efficiency, documentation/procedure

  • Process improvement scoping, planning through to delivery, operations loss and waste, 5S, DMS systems for targets and actual, root cause and problem solving

  • Support team members and individuals to see waste and the value of Lean

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