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"We used to take 57 days to respond to an order for just one milk meter - we can now deliver an order for 300 units in just 3 days."

Fred Hanson, (Former) Manufacturing Manager,

Tru-Test Group Limited

Lean Manufacturing Consultants

Lean Manufacturing

Our team is made up of lean manufacturing consultants providing dynamic services that produce tangible results for your business. By setting smart targets for lean manufacturing and applying our cutting-edge business automation tools and recommendations, we offer a solution-driven plan to unlock your company’s potential. By adopting our recommendations, you can help your business achieve its full potential.


Our results are measurable, and our consultants can fill the gap between knowing and doing.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

When your company runs lean, there are more opportunities for vigorous growth, your team achieves better synergy, and your offerings become more potent and directed.
Our business automation consultants nurture your leaders and coach your team while uncovering what is slowing your organisation down. Our knowledge base has been gained and honed through extensive real-world experience.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean six sigma runs alongside lean manufacturing to ensure your business operates at its most efficient. With these principles working together, your business achieves waste reduction in conjunction with improved processes that will discover and attend to variations in service. By utilising lean six sigma, our strong team of over 20 consultants can design, coach, and provide an implementation plan that will help you achieve your most optimised work environment. Our consultants bring these ideas and concepts to life for you in our Six Sigma Certification courses, one of our many courses and workshop offerings.

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Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Our solutions include mentorship from our business solutions consultants - these include  benchmarking and assessment of your current systems, through review of practices, recommendations for your path ahead, and the implementation of lean marketing tools and techniques that drive objectives home.
Our bespoke mentorship and business automation consultants can uncover your firm’s pain points and guide you to achieve the highest possible standards in lean manufacturing. 

Take your next step with us today!

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