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"We used to take 57 days to respond to an order for just one milk meter - we can now deliver an order for 300 units in just 3 days."
Fred Hanson, (Former) Manufacturing Manager,
Tru-Test Group Limited

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Our manufacturing solution will enable you to:

  • Deliver the products and services your customers want,  when they want them

  • Help your business be more effective and efficient

  • Enhance staff morale

  • Improve your bottom line

Drive business performance, by simplifying, standardising and stabilising your internal functions.

We work alongside you to review your entire manufacturing operation, including workplace processes, batch assembly modes and job shop environments.

We'll be looking for every opportunity to transform the way you operate by applying the most appropriate best practice methodology to your production and processes.​

We believe it’s vital that your employees are empowered to add value to every part of your business. We help you to build capability and deepen the skills and knowledge of your team, through information sharing, training, coaching and mentoring.

If you need help with improving the quality, cost, culture and performance of your manufacturing areas, then get in touch with us.

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