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BPI Health Checklist – Your COVID-19 Response

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

After 4½ weeks of lockdown at Alert Level 4, many New Zealand businesses are facing unforeseen challenges whilst they get up and running again.

To help get your business operating as efficiently and quickly as possible, Intent has prepared a checklist to help you assess the health of your business processes and determine the best way forward.

If you want to assess the status of your sales, service, administrative or other business support areas, check out our free Business Process Improvement (BPI) health checklist. It contains pointers for you to consider both during the COVID-19 crisis, when you need to respond and protect, and as you prepare to normalise and grow your business.

Feel free to share this checklist with anyone who might need guidance or assurance that they are on the right track, and if you need to bounce ideas or require additional support, contact Intent on 09 523 0366 or

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