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Build leaders, who can build leaders, who can build leaders

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Intent Managing Director Ian Walsh’s article Where are the World Class Leaders?, is having the desired impact and is encouraging thought and discussion amongst NZ leaders.

Below is an example from Andy Garvie of Tidy Slabs. Good on you, Andy!

“Nail on the head from Ian Walsh Businesses / leaders who have gone through successful change programs that Ian speaks of are role models and economic heroes. Whether they are the Rod Drury's / Xeros of the world or the 100s (hopefully 1000s) of other humble Kiwi SMEs that don't get the same kind of media attention, but have made some systematic productivity gains - they have a story to tell, and I believe a responsibility to tell it. The responsibility is to the NZ economy and all New Zealanders - as role models your actions inspire others to follow your path, and we need more to follow that path in order to lift the standard of living. Recognise that with success, others will be looking to you for the roadmap. Openly sharing the steps that were taken and mentoring those willing to take them in your footsteps is the right thing to do. It may feel like sharing the secret sauce and who wants to do that? but generally it is as simple as... Build leaders, who can build leaders, who can build leaders... So why not inspire others to do the same? We are all in this together. Thanks Ian.”

Andy Garvie, Managing Director, Tidy Slabs

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