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Delivering Value Through Sustainability

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Intent is delighted to announce the launch of its sustainability product:

We’ve always helped clients to reduce waste. With our recent partnership with sustainability experts Siempre, we’re now able to help customers deliver value with the minimum waste of resources, in a way that engages all stakeholders and builds the organisational capability around sustainability.

Sustainability is a megatrend with urgent action demanded by things like:

  • Growth of consumers buying sustainable products and brands

  • Investors, buyers and advertisers blacklisting companies who fail sustainability criteria

  • Voters empowering more government legislation (e.g. plastics, energy, water, etc).

Future:Able³ merges Intent Group's expertise in Lean, Supply Chain Optimisation and Business Process Improvement with Siempre's Sustainable Business capability and know-how. Together, we can bring sustainability to life in your organisation, by helping you meet today’s needs whilst assuring the future of your business, through improvements in:

  • Productivity

  • Climate impact

  • Financial gains

  • Welfare and culture

  • Corporate reputation

Future:Able³ can help you to gain a deep understanding of the requirements and opportunities facing your business, so you can feed that knowledge into a roadmap to create the necessary processes, systems, culture and leadership your business needs to thrive.

For more information about transforming your business by commencing a sustainable continuous improvement journey, see the attached Future:Able³ brochure or contact Noël Thomson on 0275 81 81 26 or

Brochure - Future.Able3
Download PDF • 2.84MB

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