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Growing our World Class Industries

“By applying best practice, I have seen improvements of over 80% productivity” says Ian Walsh, Managing Director of Intent Group.

Many businesses, particularly those in seasonal food production, are facing uncertainty today due to Covid and the travel restrictions which have limited our country’s access to skilled labour.

New Zealand now has the chance to strengthen its future and create regional jobs. Ian recently shared his thoughts on this topic with NZ Manufacturer: Growing our world class industries.

In his article, Ian highlights the opportunity facing industry leaders to compare notes regarding the methods, systems and processes they’re using, and share ideas for addressing the productivity gap arising due to lack of access to experienced staff.

With decades of continuous improvement experience behind him, Ian has helped many businesses to achieve high productivity levels using defined best practice, resulting in profitability and support of future industry growth.

If you would like a no-obligation discussion with Ian to better understand what action you can take to transform your business by improving your productivity, contact him on 027 5349 258 or

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