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Intent on Helping NZ Reach the Top

COVID-19 is encouraging businesses leaders around the globe to review the way they do business. Unfortunately, not all companies will survive this challenging time.

Now more than ever, organisations need to do their utmost to become the best in their field. The pandemic is encouraging leaders to step back and reflect on what it will take for their business to shine in today’s fiercely competitive market.

During his 30 plus years as a continuous improvement expert, Intent Group Managing Director, Ian Walsh, has seen many successful examples of business transformations.

In this month’s NZ Manufacturer, Ian reflects on the status of New Zealand business, our OECD ranking and what is needed to help the Kiwi economy move forward.

“As New Zealanders, we must take collective responsibility for where we are – the bottom end of the OECD in terms of economic performance - and therefore our future and potential quality of life” says Ian.

If you would like to hear what Ian has to say about the need for Kiwis to be not only visionary, but aspirational, read the full article here: The Intent-ion is to reach the top.

If you would like to talk to Ian about what it will take to improve the productivity of your business, contact him on 027 5349 258 or

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