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Optimising your Supply Chain post COVID-19

Seismic shifts in demand, disrupted network flows and border restrictions are impacting businesses and supply chains around the globe.

From demand either disappearing or outstripping supply, to factories closing, the Kiwi economy is needing to quickly reshape. Managing demand, supply, and their variability in this new environment, is more important than ever before.

To help businesses reduce the impacts being placed upon their supply chains, and embrace potential opportunities on the horizon, Intent Group’s Director of Supply Chain, Noël Thomson has prepared the below white paper.

With 30 years' experience in supply chain and manufacturing with global blue-chip companies across multiple industries, Noël shares his valuable insight to help you not only repair but potentially enhance your supply chain by getting your demand right, supply tightened and network management enhanced.

Optimising Supply Chain post COVID-19
Download PD • 807KB

Intent Group and business partner SNO-Tek combine their skills and knowledge to provide enhanced performance for your business. Intent Group provides strategy and implementation solutions, while SNO-Tek creates specialist supply chain technologies to improve return on capital, embed product strategies into supply chains, optimise inventory, and enable optimal network collaboration.

If you would like to know more about what you can be doing to optimise your supply chain contact Noël Thomson on 0275 81 81 26 or

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