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Supply Chain Checklist – Strengthening the links

All of New Zealand is seeing, and some of us experiencing, the strain that is being placed upon supply chains, sales and operations planning, warehousing and distribution functions, around the world. Unfortunately, no industries, sectors or teams are untouched by the impacts of COVID-19 and the impact of the recent lockdown here in New Zealand.

To allow you to deliver value to your clients as quickly as possible, Intent has created a checklist to help you review the health of your business and identify the best way forward.

The checklist will encourage you to consider various aspects relating to everything from your strategy, S&OP execution and operations, to distribution, warehousing and procurement. It will guide you to assess what you need to respond and protect as we transition through the Alert levels, and what you can do to prepare to normalise and grow your business.

Feel free to share this checklist with anyone who might need guidance or assurance that they are on the right track, and if you need to bounce ideas or require additional support, contact Intent on 09 523 0366 or

For a downloadable copy of the checklist, please click the file below.

Supply Chain Health Checklist - COVID-19
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