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The Pursuit of World Class

We often hear people refer to things being ‘world class’, but do we understand what is actually meant when it’s applied in a business sense? With many organisations in pursuit of a world class status, it is important to first understand what they want their business to achieve.

If anyone knows what world class means when applied commercially, it’s Intent’s Managing Director, Ian Walsh. He has seen numerous examples during his 30 years working as a continuous improvement expert and has been involved in the transformation of many organisations.

In this month’s edition of NZ Manufacturer, Ian shares his thoughts about the core strategic competitive advantage businesses need to value:

“World class is not about perfection, but rather beating or outperforming your competition in the important things that your customers care about and are willing to pay for” says Ian.

If you would like to hear more about what Ian has to say on this topic, read the full article here: What is World Class?

Ian and the Intent team know how to achieve alignment throughout an organisation so that the right people possess the right skills and are focused on delivering outstanding customer value, every day. To learn more about what you can do to better drive improvement and commence your own journey to become the best, contact Intent on 09 523 0366 or

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