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Upskill your Team Leaders in how to Implement Continuous Improvement – Fees Free*

Updated: Sep 10

Why? Competitive forces and enforced downtime for businesses has made cost control and process efficiency a primary focus in many businesses today. Management cannot do it all, training and empowering your team to drive waste out of processes is acknowledged as the best way to deliver productivity and cost reduction.

What? Process waste is the enemy of profit. The New Zealand Level 4 Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices is widely used to equip leaders and future leaders to improve and keep on improving business processes. There is currently an opportunity to have participants attend fees free*. See course brochure here

How? The certificate is delivered in face-to-face workshops by skilled and experienced professionals. The course duration is 12 months. Completion of 3 practical value adding workplace projects is required of all candidates. These will be assessed, and successful candidates will be awarded the NZ Level 4 Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices.

Is it suitable for us? The required unit standards and corresponding workshop teaching have been carefully selected for their ability to apply to a wide variety of businesses. Skilled and experienced facilitators will ensure that applications will be found in your business.

See course outline here

REGISTER INTEREST HERE before the 15th Sept 2021.

Are you finding yourself spending your working life running around in circles, firefighting the most urgent problem that has just burst into flame?

By working through the NZ Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices you will learn how to develop your skills and the skills of your team in applying continuous process improvement techniques. You will learn how to use these to raise team engagement, identify and act on cost reduction projects, improve quality, and reduce lead time. You will also partner with experienced tutors who will mentor and train your team as they progress through the projects.

The benefit of combining learning with projects is that the positive learning experience from the workshops is closely followed by practical application. This greatly assists in embedding the learning and giving a business return on investment. Enhanced engagement and skills result in you and your team being confident that you are working on the most important tasks that lead towards outcomes that actually improve your business.

Ultimately this means that you will have a team that better understands business principles and is more closely aligned to understanding and doing what is required by customers. This means a quieter life for managers! When the team is set up to be successful in their jobs, everybody wins!

Our NZ Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices is opening now across New Zealand regions (Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Lower North Island, Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland). Courses will begin in Oct 2021 with a required completion date for candidates by December 2022 to ensure fees free* eligibility.

Please note that course locations are still to be finalised and will be dependent on enrolments.

Time is very short; enrolment is required to secure you and or your team leader’s positions on this course before the fees free* window closes. Please do not hesitate, grab this opportunity today and REGISTER INTEREST HERE before the 15th September 2021 and our team will be in touch.

Please find our brochure here

Please find indicative course dates for your region here including the programme of work.

* dependent on eligibility criteria please complete the register interest form and we will be able to advise you further.

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