"We engaged with Intent Group to help us find a Production Manager for our South Auckland factory. The ideal candidate was quickly identified and resulted in a successful placement who has had a really positive impact on the business. I would highly recommend Intent if you are looking to recruit high-quality operational staff."

Sam Paterson, Director, Transbuild

We can help you to find the right staff to support your organisational change and improvement efforts. Whether you need a continuous improvement manager, shift supervisor or planner, we have a huge resource pool with the skills and experience you need.

We are invested in your success by ensuring the right people are brought in to support your organisational change. Intent Group has developed a unique offering and pricing model to reduce your cash flow obligations and demonstrate our commitment to your success.

It is our policy to never recruit from our existing clients. 

Nigel Beasley

Head of Recruitment

Email:​ nbeasley@intentgroup.co.nz

Phone: 021 522 993

Nigel is our head of recruitment. Get in touch to organise your next operational recruit.