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“Before Intent Group came the pressure was on from the sales team to the factory to produce more product, but now it has turned completely around the other way. You quickly realise that making continuous improvements applies to every department of your business, not just manufacturing.” 

Mark Beatson, Managing Director

 Betacraft NZ Ltd

RevGen blends Indicator’s strong background in sales management and sales leadership development, with Intent’s significant experience in continuous improvement, based around leading and managing change, visual measures, teamwork and process development.

Passionate about helping all businesses to improve, Intent Group have partnered with Indicator to help boost sales and sales leadership performance .

The combination of our process improvement proficiency with Indicator’s sales capability has inspired us to create RevGen.

Is your organisation lacking:

  • A sales model or consistent sales process?

  • Quality leads of channels?

  • Commission structures to drive the right behaviour?

  • Sales where you would like them to be?

  • Clear goals for your sales team?

  • Defined sales strategy to help you achieve your goals?

  • Quality systems to enable and drive growth?

  • A CRM which is providing reliable data?

  • Successful sales people

  • A sales team which is operating at full strength?

Contact RevGen to discover what you can do to drive your sales team towards greater results.


The RevGen Solution

Your journey to increased sales performance begins with an initial conversation with the RevGen team.


If required, we can then conduct an assessment of your current practices using our customised diagnostic tool. This in-depth analysis will help us to understand the maturity of your sales team and determine the activities needed to move your team forward and achieve your sales vision.



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