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“The Intent team integrated well with my team under urgency, to maximise the utilisation of our new plant. They helped us add millions to our bottom line.”

Neil Betteridge, Director Operations, Synlait Milk Limited


Synlait improved their canning and blending line efficiency after working with Intent Group to implement best practices in:

  • Leading and managing change

  • Daily Management Systems

  • Problem solving

  • Teamwork

  • Set-up time reduction

  • Maintenance and equipment care

  • Strategy deployment


Since improving their processes and implementing best practices, Synlait staff are experiencing the positive impact on a wide range of disciplines throughout their canning and blending line:

  • Millions gained in additional gross margin

  • Operational efficiency doubled

  • Training encouraged the leadership team to be more involved in setting performance improvement objectives and plans

  • Better information on the line is resulting in teams wanting to improve their own performance and beat current records

  • Business progress is now captured frequently, tracked visually and shared with all employees

  • Revamped daily department meetings are allowing any issues and ideas to be raised and addressed. Issue causes are focused, not on assigning blame, but on improvement actions

  • Improved communication processes are ensuring a more holistic, interdisciplinary and sustained approach to addressing issues

  • Operational efficiency is now the key driver of the business, along with the development of a 3-year business plan

  • Employees better understand expectations of the team and what they can do to meet and improve targets.

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