360 Degrees Consulting - About David Williams, Knowledge Management


"It is rare to find a person who has the ability to listen to complex discussions and is then capable of delivering his vast knowledge to any level of audience in such a way that they fully understand complex concepts. As a result of this skill, David is able to bring value to many management issues such as , change management processes, evaluation of Safety and Mentoring of Senior Management to bring about change culture in a way that is sustainable and builds confidence. Dave is the Man"


John Segalla, Director

Aqualine - About Intent Group, Tom Street & Kerri-Anne Tenkate

"Thanks for your draft report. I confirm I am very happy with its content and recommendations. It has captured the essence of what we already know are issues and presented it back to us in a very positive and professional way. This is a very well planned and credible report that will assist us to get buy in from our Board to invest the resources to move the organisation forward in order to achieve our growth goals. Thank you so much from all of us at Aqualine it has been a pleasure to work with you. "

David Downey, CEO,


"Intent has evolved into a key strategic partner. They bring a wealth of expertise and take the time to understand our business and any issues we face. They provide not just a strategic framework but an operational plan to ensure that the benefits and efficiencies are realised. Intent team members integrate seamlessly into our business and easily relate to all levels. I can see Intent being an integral part of our business for many years to come."

David Downey, CEO, 


Walter and Wild - About Intent's Recruitment Services with Nigel Beasley

"Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help on this recruitment journey and that I have never had a recruiter so open and responsive with keeping me updated; Its been rather refreshing."

William Horsley - Manufacturing Manager 

Southern Hospitality

"Lines picked per hour improved from 25-30 lines an hour to 55-60. [This] was a massive improvement for us, which saw us saving 1.5-2 hours’ time-saving a day that we’d not experienced before.”

Jason Love, Warehouse Manager – Tauranga, 

"I wanted to also let you know that the period of transformation that you both assisted SHL through has certainly been a career highlight for me and the skills/capability you introduced into SHL and developed during this period have been well and truly put to use since this (every day in fact). I wanted to thank you both for tremendous support."

Gareth McCulloch (who is stepping down as GM NZ) of Southern Hospitality About Ant and Tom


Westland Milk Products - Neil, About Lean 4x4 Simulation - found on website


“As well as having fun, my team worked really well together to meet all the challenges. I would suggest that this is a good starting point for organisations wanting to get teams aligned and supporting one another. ...My team left the course with the understanding of the principles and a positive way to successfully deal with issues we may face in the future. An added benefit is that it can be assessed against national unit standards which will help to consolidate the learning”

Westland’s UHT Manufacturing Manager, David Reid 


Griffins - Students Experience with our DCSP

"Absolutely great pleasure. Thanks for being open and challenging peoples' views. Eye opener on the issues on line 5, most valuable to go through the process."

"Well presented and structured. Well organised and done in a timely manner"

"It was really awesome, nothing rushed and totally worked well with everyone."

"Very good coach, the instructions were clear and helpful. Keep doing what you're doing. Most valuable: clarity of mind that change is coming to line 5."

"Great course. Approachable and knowledgable trainers with a lot of applicable experiences and examples."

"Awesome delivery, flexibility and adaptability in terms of topics and issues presented. Raised on the spot exampled illustrations and relevant. Thank you :)"

BlueScope (Pacific Steel)

"Without doubt the best continuous improvement course I have attended thus far. The material presented and the activities conducted were practical, relevant and comprehensive. Importantly, the various continuous improvement approaches explained and demonstrated were integrated in a way that made tremendous sense. This was a very rich learning experience reinforced by the presenters living out the 'lean way' in their running of 3 days - 10 out of 10"

P. Robertson, VP Operations Planning, BlueScope Steel


Tegel Foods Limited

"Outstanding job of transforming team and transforming our group"

Austin Laurenson


HancocksMalcolm Matthews

"The team are really engaged by the work we have done so far, really positive comments from the team (in particular the checkers ... we are running out of things to do! We have so much time on our hands now and it's all thanks to the work you guys (Intent) have helped us with!"

No Name Attached Taken from MS Teams notes 26th July


Fonterra Brands

"A great effort thank you and a huge turnaround from the 12 months prior. 11 Problems were solved with 5 repeat failures and 2 multiple repeats. To me, this really highlights the importance of following a structured process and finding the root cause. It may take a little longer but we are only doing it once."

D. Nicholls, Operational Excellence Lead

"With Intent's involvement we've increased our performance through the identification of bottlenecks. Their support and passion along with strong facilitation skills has helped improve staff ownership and morale."

G. Preston, Operational Excellence Lead

"Tom is an extremely knowledgeable and professional coach to deal with. He methodically works through every area of coaching required until you “the pupil” discover and understand the particular aspect of training. He has even been known to stand for hours looking at a production line to prove the importance of measurement (a lesson I will never forget). Tom is also a very nice and down to earth coach that easily gets the most from any team he is leading. I fully endorse using Tom as a consultant/coach."

Aaron Chadderton, Continuous Improvement Leader, Fonterra "

“Tom and Intent Group have helped me gain great Manufacturing Performance results. Not only with recommendations on how to carry out Loss and Waste analysis, but how to implement, in an easy and achievable way. Tom also helped greatly with lifting our manufacturing capability through great practical training. I have carried these learnings everyday into my future roles. I would highly recommend Tom and his company Intent Group.”

Chris Johnson , Technical Manager, Fonterra


Carter Holt Harvey

"In a few short weeks they interpreted and analysed our requirements, honed our thinking and provided a valuable model to facilitate our Supply Chain decision making process."

P. Harper, CEO Carter Holt Harvey Procurement & Distribution 

"We have been very happy with the excellent results achieved in the logistics and distribution project stream. The expert resource provided helped to break paradigms, shared learning’s and encouraged CHH staff to find new ways of delivering value. They also ensured management were provided with regular, robust updates through their professional management and reporting processes”

Chief Executive, Carter Holt Harvey, Kinleith


“We have been very happy with the excellent results achieved in the logistics and distribution project stream. The expert resource provided by Street Associates helped to break paradigms, shared learning’s and encouraged CHH staff to find new ways of delivering value. They also ensured management were provided with regular, robust updates through their professional management and reporting processes.”

Brice Landman, CE/Mike Harrison, Value Creation Manager, Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) Pulp and Paper, 



"You might ask what all this has to do with Intent. Well much of the above is related to the seeds that you and your team have sown as well as the disciplines you have taught us around data and measuring performance. We would not be where we are (C.I) without the support you provided. Thank You!" 

Paul Wilford, Group Operations Director, Delmaine Fine Foods Ltd"



“With Intent’s help we realised that our productivity was constrained by having originally located our production requirements within a warehouse-oriented layout. Following a managed change process, we now have our warehousing requirements located within a production-oriented layout”.


“The Intent's Continuous Improvement program has so far seen us exceed our previous best production month by 25%”.

Tony Cartwright, General Manager


Cookie Time Ltd

"Intent undertook a short and focused “Loss and Waste” Manufacturing Review that provided us with many insights into our own operations. Their {The} consultants worked well with our team identifying operational waste and improvement opportunities we hadn’t seen ourselves and gave us a better understanding of our manufacturing capacity and capability. This review acted as a catalyst for positive change, we have since deferred capital spend and focused on eliminating waste and non-productive time. Within just 6 months there have been margin improvements in the vicinity of 5%, with even more to come." 

Lincoln Booth General Manager, Cookie Time Limited 



“The simulation provided an opportunity for the students to apply the learnings. This helped them better understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of applying the tools in our workplace. INTENT brought great experience and enthusiasm to the training which created good engagement and discussion during the course.”

Ginny Moore, Continuous Improvement Manager

“From 2009 - 2012 EastPack was able to reduce its total cost per labour unit by 28%, without the need for a reduction in full time employees. This saving amounted to $4m over the 4 years, and is an on-going saving.”

“Kelvin has the ability to positively communicate with all employees from the shop floor to the CEO. He has a sharp commercial mind, and at all times has the best interest of EastPack in his work habits. His experience in working with other manufacturing businesses, as well as EastPack, is an asset, and adds credibility when dealing with our staff.”

Tony Hawkin, CEO, EastPack


Go Rentals

"A mechanic's routine service reduced from walking 1.3km and taking one hour and 50 mins to 730 metres and 1 hour and 14 mins to complete. This was a gain of 36 mins and 33% distance travelled."


"We’ve made some amazing progress. Absolutely outstanding. But continuous improvement is a journey. We’re only halfway towards where we want to be to maximise our efficiency and lead change. We’re incredibly happy with the progress we’ve made and the results that we’ve we’ve seen and look forward to continuing this journey over the coming months and years to get better and better."


"Our previous Auckland airport site often measured over 23 movements from the vehicle being returned to it being processed and ready for the next customer. This has been reduced to 3 movements at our new 3 building operating."