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Digital Enablement

"Automation applied to an inefficient operation will
magnify the inefficiency"

Bill Gates

The capability of digital technologies has advanced rapidly and this opens up a

world of opportunities across your business.

New technologies can provide more efficient systems by increasing speed and accuracy,  while minimising waste. Thereby delivering leaner processes through digital means.

The possibilities from Digital Enablement maybe within a specific area of your business

(Products & Services, Organisation or Operations) or may help you generate more synergy across teams.

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Discover more on how
Digital Enablement can help you....

The Hub

The Hub
  • Assessments, Checklists and Maturity models to understand where you are and where you want to be. ​

  • Process mapping, process automation and optimisation tools can make a difference across the business.

  • Design and optimisation of your physical space​

  • All these feed into specialist help on your transformation journey planning, governance and implementation of digital solutions. 

Products & Services

  • Forecasting demand of your product as much as making sure of the availability or quality of the product.​

  • An end-to-end supply chain review including customer and intermediary partners will reveal places where technology can provide better status information of goods and how well the supply chain is working to deliver your offering.​

Products & Services


  • Business Management visualisation through control towers or dashboards can help show the status of the organisation.  ​

  • Solutions to help deliver a transformation or enable visibility and drive momentum in your Plan/Do/Check/Act cycle.

  • Sales and Operational Planning would also aid the integrated digital business model. ​


  • Collection, processing and visibility of your production data in real time allows a shorter reaction time to making decisions about your production environment​.

  • Live status information on services and optimising support by location or expertise.

  • Proactive maintenance and asset lifecycle management can greatly assist your operational uptime​.

  • Understanding your full capacity and modelling throughput under different scenarios to aid your scheduling​.

Compass Pointing North

Intent has the skills to be your
trusted adviser,
navigating the digital journey
of your business 

How can Intent help?

A successful business should be inherently connected to add the most value, Intent will ensure that you don't just get a single point solution but are progressively moving to a  fully integrated business model.

Digital technologies can offer great results for driving optimisation, but they may not be as easy to deliver or as immediate as they are marketed. We will help define and then

aid the implementation of an optimal process across your business. Intent are specialists in delivering transformative digital outcomes, which should be thought of as part of a continuous improvement journey.


At Intent we work with a range of tried and tested partners to help with delivering System, Governance and Data elements​, while providing the wrap-around service and advice for exactly what's needed with nothing you don't.

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Digital Enablement will....

help to optimise
your capacity and throughput rate​

generate efficiencies in your stock holdings and movements​

ensure they comply and provide quality data to monitor the process itself​

provide important data points to provide visibility of your sustainability initiatives

increase productivity through planning coordination and visualisation of activities and metrics ​

Have questions about how we can help you? 
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Scott Adams

Senior Consultant

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Ian Walsh

Managing Director, Auckland

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