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“Intent Group provided us with a detail oriented project manager, [who got] traction immediately and added value along the way. The best part is they managed the team in the project closely, got them motivated and never let anyone slip. A real bull dog, just what you want in a project manager.”

Martin Carlyle, CEO at Damar Industries


Intent Group has a long and established relationship with Damar and its management team.  So when problems started to arise with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project Damar was implementing, they called in Intent for guidance without hesitation.

THE SOLUTION: Project Management Support

Intent Group worked closely with the Damar team and utilised their World Class Supply Chain expertise to identify outstanding issues and problems associated with the ERP project.  They made recommendations to help the project get back on track.  They also performed an audit of the implementation, working with Damar and its suppliers to develop best practice inventory management processes and training material. 


This work saw the project heading in the right direction again and allowed the benefits of the ERP implementation to be realised.  By the close of Intent’s work, over 90% of the issues open when they began working on the project were solved, in progress with solutions being tested, or identified as Phase Two developments.

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