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CASE STUDY: Tasman Insulation

“Thanks for bringing us into the 21st century. ‘Old dogs’ should never forget ‘new tricks’ and what you have done has positively changed the shape of our business.”

Bill Smith, General Manager, Tasman Insulation NZ Ltd


Intent Group guided the Tasman Insulation team on their journey towards world class performance by first helping them to understand exactly what the supply chain needed to deliver. They then worked together to review distribution needs and transport provider options. Relationships and communication with existing transport providers were improved, resulting in enhanced communication which allowed prompt issue resolution.


Intent also spent time creating a performance baseline and tracking improvements over time, aided by the implementation of a monthly reporting dashboard on KPI’s for management review, ensuring problem solving is based on data and not subjective views.


Tasman Insulation experienced the following results after working with Intent Group:

  • North Island and South Island service providers were reviewed to improve performance and ensure costs do not escalate unnecessarily

  • Better supplier management and performance measurement structures increased North Island delivery in full and on time (DIFOT), from 70% to a consistent target of 92.5%

  • A regular review process ensured issues are addressed in a timely fashion by the right teams

  • Intent’s recommendations to improve the Auckland warehousing layout will allow for increased storage and greater distribution efficiency

  • The request for proposal process to identify a new service provider was successfully managed, ensuring cost increases were kept to a minimum in a rising market

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