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Achieve your Supply Chain Advantage

Updated: May 5, 2020

ADVANTAGE - A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favourable or superior position.

At Intent, our goal is to help organisations gain their competitive edge. Our supply chain professionals bring significant experience to provide pragmatic and proven practices designed to develop your Supply Chain Advantage. Our goal is to help you to outperform your competitors and improve how your supply chain operates - from your suppliers and inventory levels, through to your customers.

Meet our supply chain professionals:

With you we will delve into your business and identify any opportunities to improve productivity, increase efficiency, minimise your operating costs and reduce your inventory, using a range of tools and methodologies combined with unparalleled experience. Our team provide a fresh perspective, and work closely with yours to implement changes designed to optimise your supply chain and exceed the needs of your customers, at the lowest possible cost.

We provide best practice support to organisations in the following supply chain areas of activity:

· Supply chain reviews

· Sales & operations planning processes

· Vendor assessment & supplier management

· Procurement practices

· Warehouse & logistics optimisation

· Distribution scheduling & planning

· Trucking & equipment utilisation

· Tenders & contracts

· Inventory management & analysis (Stringent ©)

We know that times are very challenging right now and you have a lot to deal with – we want to help. So please find a free white paper here: ‘Optimising your Supply Chain post COVID-19’ written by Intent’s new Director of Supply Chain, Noël Thomson, as well as a COVID-19 checklist for supply chains, to help guide you through what you might need to consider moving forward.

We are more than happy to provide support and peer review to help you develop your approach as you progress out of lockdown and into your new ‘normal’.

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