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CASE STUDY: Turners and Growers Global NZ (Apples)





In October 2019, Intent and T&G conducted a Loss & Waste review that highlighted varying degrees of waste throughout the apple operation. This review set a baseline for future developments and created a framework for continuous improvement . 



  • Functional silos across the business 

  • Significant variability between sites 

  • Lack of clear quality standards 

  • Misaligned objectives and communication 

  • High people dependence throughout the business 


SOLUTIONS (2020-2021): 

  • Established DMS across the operation, including T1, T2, T3 and T4 

  • Established clear focus on premium quality 

  • Leader standard work put in place to get leaders working at the right level 

  • Establish best practice standards across both sites to reduce internal variability 

  • Problem solving identified the need for Envy post-harvest compliance process and young tree development process 

  • Established Focused Improvement Teams (FIT)  


RESULTS (2020-2021): 

  • Packout increased by 6% (~$1.4m) over a year 

  • Huge shift in performance culture 

  • Increased engagement of leaders and their teams throughout the business 

  • People at all levels engaging with the continuous improvement 

  • Envy post harvest compliance process 

  • Young Tree development process 

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“The CI programme through Intent has allowed us to focus on the big rocks within our business using Leader Standard Work, ensuring communication is clear each day through the Daily Management System using tiered meetings, and how I look at problems in order for them to be solved.”

Kole McGarvey, Growing & Supply,

T&G Apples

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